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May 5, 2016

5 Effective Tactics for Shooting Portraits In Windy Weather That Will Help You Capture Beautiful Images

5 Tips For Shooting Portraits iIn Windy Weather by Christina Forbes Photography

So you’ve arrived at your session and when you step out of the car you pretty much know that you’re going to be shooting portraits in windy weather. Don’t panic. You’re going to be just fine! I promise. Sure windy conditions can be a little frustrating and seem impossible but I can tell you that not all is lost. Since I shoot a fair amount of my portraits on the Outer Banks or in Coastal areas, we tend to have a constant breeze. Which in the summer time is much needed here in the south. LOL Anyways…

While there has been a few sessions that I have had to cancel due to the wind, it’s been mainly because of small children. Having little ones on a beach with whipping winds means sand blowing everywhere and it can make for a miserable session. But you don’t always have the ability to reschedule especially because of windy weather. Try not to focus on the fact that hair will be blowing all over the place or that outfits might look unflattering when blowing in the wind. Instead look at the possibilities that these movements will add to your images! I promise that learning how to work with the wind and using it to your advantage will help make your windy sessions flow more effortless and save you a little stress.

5 Tips For Shooting Portraits In Windy Weather

Be Positive

  • Your clients will be looking to you for guidance, especially when it comes to the hair blowing around. The more comfortable and confident you are during the session, the less likely they are to stress. Try not to give anymore attention to the wind. You guys already know it’s windy but don’t let it rule your session!

Create Your Own Barrier

  • Have your couple snuggle in really close. I tend to use my guys body as a natural barrier for my ladies. I love having my couples snuggle in and love on one another. I just adore the intimate and romantic style of images that I get. So in windy weather I have the perfect excuse to get them snuggled up.
  • Ask your couples to bring their heads closer together. This could be forehead to forehead, temple to temple, nuzzling and even having them kiss.

Advantage Point

  • Position your clients (keeping your light in mind) as much as you can with them facing the wind, so that hair will tend to blow away from the face a little easier.

Embrace It

  • You can get these really amazing images with the hair blowing or the long flowy dresses as they wave in the wind. The movement totally adds to the romantic and intimate vibe. And you can get some of the best Black and White Images too!

Hold Onto It

  • Ask your client to move her hair to one side (if long enough) and have her gently hold towards the bottom to help hold it in place.
  • If shirts are flying up, simply have them wrap their arms around each other, hugging one another. No one will know that they’re purposefully hugging to hold shirts in place.
  • The collars of guys shirts tend to be the number one offender. Using the other subjects arm to block it (ie. wrapping arms around neck) will hide it perfectly!
  • Skirts that are blowing everywhere…well that’s perfect! To maintain a little more control, simply have your subject hold onto the side of it. She can pull it in closer to her and she can hold it up and away from her. Try asking her to let go once she’s pulled it up and I can promise you’ll get a gorgeous flowy dress shot!

Don’t let the wind scare you or your clients from having an amazing session together! The more you shoot in the wind the more you’ll love the images that you get. You’ll see that there’s an added touch of emotion and movement that just can’t be replicated! And remember that some things just can’t be controlled and that you just have to embrace it. Here’s some posing inspiration for windy portraits to help you at your next session!

Learn How To Shoot Romantic Beach Pictures In The WInd by Christina Forbes Photography Intimate windy Beach Portraits by Christina Forbes Photography Tips for shooting portraits in windy weather by Christina Forbes Photography How to shoot windy beach portraits by Christina Forbes Photography Romantic windy beach portraits by Christina Forbes Photography Windy Couple's Portraits on the Beach by Christina Forbes Photography

I hope that these tips will help make your next windy portrait session a total success! Do you have a tip that helps you when shooting in windy weather? I’d love to hear it. Feel free to share in the comments below!

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