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March 23, 2016

Preparing For Bridal Portraits 10 Must Have Items To Collect

Preparing For Bridal Portrait Sessions by Christina Forbes Photography

With last week’s Wedding Wisdom blog post we talked about Bridal Portraits & Why You Should Invest In Them. So I thought today’s post would be the perfect opportunity to share 10 must have items to collect when preparing for bridal portraits. It’s my hope that by sharing these useful tips that not only will it help to minimize your stress but it will guide you when preparing for your bridal session; so that you can focus on what’s important…..YOU! Bridal sessions are suppose to be fun and relaxing for brides. It’s the perfect time to really enjoy yourself by getting all dressed up and embracing the experience of being a bride for more than just one day!

 The TOP 10 Items to bring to a bridal session:

  1. Close family member or friend- No more than 1-2 people. And be sure it’s someone that knows how to make you smile, laugh and be your most genuine self.
  2. Bouquet- Real florals always photograph the best!
  3. Jewelry- Ring, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet
  4. Veil, Head Pieces or Combs
  5. Shoes- Wedding shoes (Consider purchasing heel stoppers) and Flip Flops (to walk around more comfortably)
  6. Sashes/ Accessory Belts
  7. Crochet Hook- If your dress buttons in the back using a crochet hook can help you quickly button the dress.
  8. Bra- Nude strapless bra, cups
  9. Touch-up Makeup- Lipstick is always needed and consider bringing blotting tissues (in case of sweat, they remove sweat while your makeup stays put)
  10. Touch- up Hair Supplies- Bobby Pins, Hairspray 

When deciding what to wear the day of your session (before & after); I recommend that you wear an outfit that is not only easy to get in & out of, but is hair & makeup friendly. Be sure that you wear a loose, stretchy shirt or preferably one that is a button down. This makes changing so much quicker and decreases the chances of messing with your hair or smudging your perfectly done makeup.

With taking a little extra time to prepare for your portrait session, it’s just one of the many ways that you can ensure to have an AMAZING bridal portrait session! And I would love to help make things a little easier for you when gathering items for your session I would really like to share this FREE PRINTABLE with you! One of my goals is to help minimize bridal stress so that they can have the most wonderful bridal experience.

Gorgeous Coastal Bridal Portrait Session by Christina Forbes PhotographyA Guide to Preparing For Bridal Portraits by Christina Forbes PhotographyA Guide to Preparing For Bridal Portraits by Christina Forbes PhotographyRomantic Garden Bridal Portraits by Christina Forbes PhotographyNautical Inspired Bridal Portraits by Christina Forbes Photography

What’s your thoughts?

If you’ve already had your bridal session and would love to share your own tip, I would love to hear it! If you’re in the process of preparing for your bridal session be sure to grab the Bridal Session Guide. And don’t forget to come back and let us know if it was helpful to you. You can easily leave a comment here!

Must Have Items For Bridal Portraits Guide

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